Leveraging Relationships with Developers and Finding Deals with Sunil Saxena

Leveraging relationships is an important part of being a real estate agent, and some of the best people you should get to know are your local developers. You will often come across deals that you may not be able to close, but by understanding the process of evaluating and negotiating deals, you can bring them to investors in your area to earn a commission and grow a relationship. This week, we’ll continue our discussion on having multiple ways to find listings and source deals. Having multiple options for sellers will allow you to have opportunities open up, such as wholesaling through cash offers and working closely with developers.

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode
  • Where to source deals

    • Ready to get started with sourcing commercial deals? We’ll show you the best places to find these deals and how to keep a consistent stream of business.

  • Why understanding zoning laws can be your unfair advantage

    • Many properties have land that’s not being used for its highest and best use, which means there is an opportunity to increase the value of that property by either building more or remodeling it. We’ll talk about where to find these properties and how to get developers interested in investing.

  • How to gain a relationship with a developer in your area

    • The hardest part of this process is being seen as reliable to real estate developers near you. We’ll discuss how to form those relationships and what you can do to maintain them.

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