Get Appointments by Dialing For Dollars with Tom Coccitti

We often talk about attraction based marketing on this podcast, but that’s not the only way to acquire more business in real estate. One of the best ways to prospect for sellers, now more than ever, is getting on the phone and making phone calls to people that are already likely to sell their home. In 2021 people are looking for convenience and by bringing the offer to them increases the chance that they will be open to selling their homes. But you’re probably still wondering, who do I call? What do I say to them? How do I handle objections? Will this be a waste of time?

Tom Coccitti specializes in cold calling in real estate to prospect for real estate agents across the country. He targets homeowners through cold calling, follow ups, and other prospecting strategies. Tom started in real estate managing call centers and understanding what makes a successful call. He has honed in on what converts well, how to improve your customer experience, and ultimately, get more listing appointments, guaranteed. Tom is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to prospecting over the phone.

This week we’ll discuss everything you need to know about prospecting through cold calling. We’ll listen to cold calling veteran Tom Coccitti explain how he has made 400 calls daily for the last 5 years, and what he’s learned from his time in the industry. We’ll break it down from start to finish and discuss who to talk to, what you should be saying, and how to stay persistent as you prospect. We’ll discuss why you should be talking to sellers differently now than even a year ago, and how you can increase your chances of getting appointments when you call. Dialing for dollars isn’t glamorous, but it sure is a low-hanging fruit in the world of real estate lead generation. Listen to this week’s podcast and become familiar with this strategy.

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode
  • Who you should be calling

    • So you’re ready to get started calling but not sure who to target with your time. We’ll discuss the best lists to hit in any area.

  • How to handle objections

    • Prospecting on the phone is definitely a numbers game. There will be more objections than yes’s, but it’s about how you handle objections that makes you successful. Listen in to learn the best ways to respond to people that have uncertainties.

  • How to outsource your prospecting tasks

    • Maybe you’re like me and don’t want to make phone calls all day. We’ll share the sources for you to have prospecting done for you, but get the appointments that you’re looking for.

Connect with Tom

Learn more about Tom at his business website or give him a call at (585) 451-2432 to get started using his service.


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