Attract Listings With Multiple Options & Embrace Interruption with Dustin DeFrates

Just about everybody and their mother today is looking to get in the middle of the real estate transaction. Big tech, cash buyers, rebate brokerages, and others are all competing for your business, making the buying/selling process more competitive than ever before. No longer can you as a listing agent only offer the classic 5-6% commission plan. In order to stay competitive, you need to be extremely customer-centric. One of the best ways to do this is through multiple offers. Not only does this give your client many options when selling their home, but this also gives you the ability to create a strong brand around the flexibility of your offerings. How can you start offering multiple options to sell? What are the benefits of multiple options? How can you embrace the interruption and use it to your advantage?

Dustin DeFrates is a seasoned real estate investor that has found great success in the multiple offer space. Dustin is also the founder of GeoPoint Data, a real estate data company that sends you qualified and vetted leads using predictive data. Through his time studying buyer/seller data, in addition to reviewing 1000s of real estate deals, Dustin has honed in on the best ways to close more deals by selling through solutions. Dustin continues to stay on the cutting edge of real estate technology, and now looks to share his findings with more people that are looking to scale their real estate operations.

This is a must-watch episode if you’re looking for innovative ways to blow the competition out of the water. We’ll cover why presenting your seller with multiple offers is your unfair advantage, and how you can position a multiple offer scenario as a possibility to help the client. We’ll discuss how to find the right investor to partner with, what you should do when navigating objections, and how to stay top of mind with your marketing strategy. Undoubtedly this is going to be the future for sellers in real estate, and if you can put this strategy into practice early you are sure to reap the benefits as well. Tune into this week’s episode to learn about the art of multiple offers, and get ready to never sell a home the same way again.

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode
  • How you can provide multiple offers to your clients

    • We’ll discuss what options you can give your potential sellers to provide solutions to their selling problems. Find out how to get to ‘yes’ faster by selling through solutions.

  • Where to find motivated sellers and how to get in contact with them

    • Motivated sellers are everywhere, you just need to be the right person to solve their problems. We’ll discuss where you can find motivated sellers in your area and the steps you can take to be the number one option when they are ready to sell their property.

  • Staying top of mind to your clients

    • Once you have carefully crafted your offers, you must find a way to make sure that you are the agent potential clients think of first. We’ll cover the top platforms to nurture your audience and provide actionable steps to get started on these platforms.

Connect with Dustin

Learn more about Dustin at and connect with him on LinkedIn to continue the conversation.


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