LinkedIn: The Low-Hanging Fruit of Social Media with Donna Serdula

While maintaining a social media presence is something we often preach about on this show, one platform that is rarely brought up is LinkedIn. Some view it as a place to simply post your job updates, but the truth is, it should be treated just like any other social platform you use today. Now before you dive in, know that there is a different strategy you should rely on for every platform, and LinkedIn is no different. Whether it’s your profile headline, about message, feature section, job area, or even posting best practices, there are a lot of components to LinkedIn that can help you connect with more people and take full advantage of the platform. Hone these strategies and you’ll realize the low-hanging fruit that LinkedIn is for any business and real estate professional.

Donna Serdula has relied heavily on LinkedIn to grow her brand, and grow her business. She began her company Vision Board Media in 2009, and has since helped over 6,000 executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals optimize their LinkedIn profiles. While growing her business, she also authored a number of books and guides, most notably, LinkedIn Profile Optimization for Dummies. In addition she is the creator of, a site that helps you start growing your LinkedIn profile immediately. It’s safe to say that Donna has the LinkedIn gameplan down, and now she hopes to evangelize and advocate for the importance of taking control of your Internet identity.

This week on the podcast Donna joins me to teach you all about LinkedIn and the best way to take advantage of the platform to build another stream of business. She’ll walk you through optimizing your profile, navigating hashtag research, posting strategies, and how to build a following quickly. Tune in to learn more about possibly the most underutilized platform in real estate, and get actionable steps to reap the benefits.

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode
  • Why LinkedIn is significant and a reliable source of business

    • Many people don’t truly understand the potential in LinkedIn as a reliable social network for growing your business. We’ll highlight the good, bad, and ugly about the platform and provide examples that show the possibilities for success.

  • Optimizing your profile to get noticed

    • Simply putting your job title and brokerage isn’t enough. You’ll have to utilize the many tools that LinkedIn provides you to help your profile reach more people.

  • What type of content stands out on LinkedIn

    • The last thing you want to do is learn a whole new way of sharing content. While LinkedIn is different from most, it’s not difficult to learn. We’ll give you posting techniques and strategies that will help you get the most out of the platform.

Connect with Donna Serdula

Want to Improve your LinkedIn? Visit Donna’s site at or check out her Linkedin to continue the conversation.


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