How To Utilize Data From Your Showings with Scott Fisher

The power is in the data. Whether you look at leads, past clients, or market indicators, you can surely find trends, notice patterns, and ultimately, improve the service you provide. But what about showing data? Yes, showing data. Tracking and reporting on consumer behavior when they are simply looking at homes to purchase. You may have not considered this to be as important towards your business, but with technology becoming more practical and reliable, it may be a good time to lean in to this information. How can you leverage showing data to improve the service you provide? Are large iBuyers a threat in this space? What data should you be tracking?

Scott Fisher has been in the real estate technology services sector for over 30 years, and for the last 17 he has dedicated his time to building SentriLock, a competitive lockbox solution that gives agents choice in the market, and now he is working on providing that same high quality service in the new showing software that SentriLock is developing. Aside from his great success in business, Scott is also a reputable engineer. He holds 23 patents which have helped propel SentriLock to other markets and improve their overall product offering.

This week on the podcast Scott joins me to chat about the business of showing data and why it can actually differentiate your business from the competition. We’ll talk about how Scott helps his customers at SentriLock grow their business through data, what data is important to keep track of, and also how to position yourself differently when talking to clients, again - through data. We’ll also discuss the difference between showing data from sellers to buyers, and why they are very different clients when it comes to positioning your showing data. If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, you won’t want to miss this episode where Scott shares his data analysis knowledge after 30+ years in the real estate technology space!

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode
  • ShowingTime was recently acquired by Zillow - What that means for you

    • By now everyone has heard the news, but what does it really mean for your business and what are some ways you can actually benefit from this merger? We’ll discuss these answers and more.

  • What local showing data can teach you and how to utilize it

    • While you may not think so, showing data can be a great client acquisition and retention tool. We’ll discuss the benefits of utilizing the modern lockbox technology and how it will help you differentiate from the competition.

  • What trends in today’s market can tell us about what’s coming

    • The 2021 market is different than we’ve ever seen, and it seems quite unpredictable. However, while that’s mostly true, we can use data to predict what we could be seeing in the near future. We’ll talk about what data we’ve been looking at and what it’s telling us.

Connect with Scott

Check out the SentriLock website or check out his Linkedin to continue the conversation.


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