Being Intentional vs Goal Setting with Andrew Wallas

Nothing in reality exists without intention. Everything we wear, use, and rely on daily all started because some group of people had overwhelming intention to get that specific product or service available to you. We must realize the importance of intention and understand that nothing great will be achieved without overwhelming intention. Then there’s alignment, the process of synchronizing yourself and your actions with your intentions. Another crucially important part of fulfilling your intentions. However, it’s easy to set goals and say you intend to achieve them, but simply setting a goal may not be enough. Why is it that intention tends to produce much better results than goal setting? In what ways can we leverage our inner-intention to achieve some of the greatest things we strive for?

Andrew Wallas is a businessman that has been at the forefront of many successful businesses - most of them with 100s of employees -throughout his time as an executive. However, this is not what he is known for and what he dedicates his time to nowadays. Since his business success, Andrew now dedicates much of his time to sharing knowledge from his past endeavors. This has been through speaking, workshops, training, and many other avenues, but Andrew has recently added author to his long resume, writing three books all centered around the mindset and thought process that he uses to achieve great success. Check out Intention, his most recent publication and the one we talk about in this episode.

On this episode of the podcast, Andrew joins me to talk about intention, and the massive return you can have by having overwhelming intention to create your dreams and achieve your aspirations. We’ll talk about how Andrew used it to build 9-figure businesses, how you can use it in your daily life, and most importantly the effects it can have on your business, if done correctly. We’ll also discuss why aligning yourself with your intentions is important and how to go about doing that correctly. Andrew comes from a place of contribution in all of his work, and it shows when he speaks. Listen in to gain his insight that he’s used to grow many businesses, you won’t want to miss this conversation!

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode
  • Why internal intention is more effective than simply goal setting

    • Internal intention is one of the most important things to achieving some of the most difficult feats in your career, no matter the industry. And it’s much more effective than goal setting, why is that?

  • How to do things you’ve never done before, and still be successful

    • Trying new things, like getting on video, can be scary and seem nearly impossible to get good at. But there are actually ways to overcome this fear and doubt and relate with people that you may have never expected.

  • What it means to align yourself with your intentions

    • Having your intentions clear is the first step to achieving your internal desires in business and life in general. But when it comes to aligning yourself with your intentions, many people do not truly follow through. We’ll talk about how to align yourself with your intentions and start to change your daily actions for the better.

Connect with Andrew

Check out his website at or check out his Linkedin to continue the conversation. Also make sure to check out his books to gain more of his insight.


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