A Listing System For Brokerages That Attracts More Listings & More Agents

The Brokerage Listing System That Gives Your Agents Multiple Ways To Market, Monetize, And Differentiate Their Brand From The Competition!

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What Makes An Agent Want To Work With Or For You?

Sellers today are questioning the value their broker and service providers bring to the table. 

At the same time, I-buyers & big tech have been drowning the airwaves with alternative home selling solutions saying your agents are a BIG WASTE of money.
So we created a listing program that gives your agents the tools & training to compete against interruption and attract more listings.

Now you can further define your value proposition by giving your agents a plug and pay multiple listing strategy.

Agents don't work with you because of your brand, they do it because of what you can help them achieve.  Sometimes that's coaching, lead generation, or systems like this.

How Our System Helps You Attract More Agents That Convert More Listings

The Owner Advocate Membership gives your agents the training, tools, and marketing services to adapt several listing options for their clients immediately. Here's why brokerages are using this system.

  1. Differentiate yourself from other brokerages.
  2. Embrace interruption and provide a solution to change
  3. Use as a recruiting tool
  4. Automate I-buyer submission and sell more houses


What's Included?

With the Owner Advocate system, you'll get everything you need to implement a multiple listing strategy for your agents immediately.

Here's what's included:

  • Your agents will have access all the training 
  • We'll build your Owner Advocate Listing Program on your website 
  • We'll customize your listing presentation and agent marketing materials
  • White labeled explainer videos to place on your website detailing exactly how it works
  • You'll have access to our I-buyer Offer Submission tool that retrieves offers for you from buyers in your market.
  • Offer Submission analyzer to itemize and differentiate the difference between the offers
  • Social media marketing template library
  • Owner Advocate Marketing Services
  • Monthly group training calls
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Owner Advocate website placement and referral partner
Owner Advocate How It Works

Multiple Options Training Course For Your Agents

In this 4-module course, you agents will have access to everything they need to know about implementing multiple offers into their business, and then how to market it.

Module 1: The Big Picture

  • Lesson 1- The Opportunity & Current Competition
  • Lesson 2- Having Multiple Listing Options & Mindset
  • Lesson 3- Listing Option #1 Cash Offer
  • Lesson 4- Listing Option #2 Trade In Option
  • Lesson 5- Listing Option #3 Fix & List Program
  • Lesson 6-Listing Option #4 Multiple Listing Options
  • Lesson 7-Listing Option #5 Sell & Stay Option
  • Lesson 8- Listing Option #6  Reverse Mortgage Options
  • Lesson 9- Build Your Power Team
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Module 2: Converting, Positioning, & Marketing Multiple Options

  • Lesson 1- The Listing Presentation
  • Lesson 2- Hybrid Marketing & Your Website
  • Lesson 3- What Sellers Want From Your Website
  • Lesson 4- Multiple Seller Options Videos Scripts (scripts included)
  • Lesson 5- Owner Advocate Explainer Videos For Your Website
  • Lesson 6- Presenting All Your Seller Options
  • Lesson 7- Social Media Marketing Library
  • Lesson 8- Owner Advocate Logos
  • Lesson 9- Using The Project Estimator
  • Lesson 10- How To Use The Offer Submission Tool
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Module 3: Marketing Your Sphere Of Influence & Making Multiple Options Part Of Your Business

  • Lesson 1- Offer Multiple Offers To Every Client Going Forward
  • Lesson 2- Where Business Really Comes From
  • Lesson 3- Why People Refer You Business
  • Lesson 4- Be Everywhere All The Time But Be Consistent
  • Lesson 5- Market Your Database First, Then Repurpose Your Content
  • Lesson 6- Marketing Your Sphere of Influence On Social Media
  • Lesson 7- Marketing Your Sphere With Direct Mail
  • Lesson 8- Why Video Email Marketing Your Sphere Of Influence Generates Referrals
  • Lesson 9- How To Create Case Studies Of Success Stories
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Module 4: Multi-Channel Marketing For Motivated Sellers

  • Lesson 1- Targeting Motivated Sellers & Why
  • Lesson 2- Working With Investors
  • Lesson 3- Getting The RIGHT Data
  • Lesson 4- Direct Mail Marketing
  • Lesson 5- Cold Calling For Conversion
  • Lesson 6- Text Messaging Marketing
  • Lesson 7- Email Marketing Motivated Sellers
  • Lesson 8- Facebook Marketing For Motivated Sellers
  • Lesson 9- Converting & Setting The Appointment
  • Lesson 10- Meeting The Seller At The Property
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Module 5: Understanding Seller Motivations

  • Lesson 1- Working With Distressed Assets vs Distressed Sellers
  • Lesson 2- Legal & Title issues
  • Lesson 3- Working With Absentee Owners/Landlords
  • Lesson 4- Understanding Foreclosure
  • Lesson 5- Understanding Probate
  • Lesson 6- Relocation
  • Lesson 7- Financial Distress/Bankruptcy
  • Lesson 8-Identifying Value Added Opportunities [Case Study]
  • Lesson 9 - Property With Major Defects [Case Study]

Start Attracting More Agents & Listings

Build The Owner Advocate Multiple Option Listing Strategy 

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We'll Build Out Your Owner Advocate Home Seller Program  

We're going to give you everything you need to get started today!

Customize Your Listing & Agent Attraction Presentations

We'll customize your listing and agent attraction presentations so you can start using immediately. 

 Build Your Owner Advocate Home Seller Program On Your Website Or Build You A Website

We're going to build out your home seller program on your website. If you don't have a website that, we'll build one for you.


Branded Training Center Sign Up Page

We'll customize an affiliate page branded as an affiliate of Owner Advocate for your agents to access training FREE or PAID (you get paid every time someone accesses the training$$$).

Automate I-Buyer Offer Submission For Your Agents

You'll have access to the Owner Advocate Offer Submission tool so you can start retrieving multiple offer estimates in minutes and written offers in 24-72 hours from I-buyers and investors in your market.  Once you submit, our concierge team will retrieve written offers right to your email.

Owner Advocate Website Placement

As an affiliate of Owner Advocate you'll receive website placement & notoriety on TheOwnerAdvocate.com website.

Membership Costs

Owner Advocate Affiliate Membership For Teams & Brokerages

$1,997 / 30 Day Program Build Out
$97 / Month

For Teams, Mortgage Brokers, Or Real Estate Brokerages:

  • We'll Build Out Your "Owner Advocate Program" On Your Website
  • We'll Customize Your Owner Advocate Presentation
  • Owner Advocate Recruiting/Lunch & Learn Presentation 
  • Owner Advocate Launch Webinar & Training Page
  • Access To All Training Modules & Lessons For All Your Agents
  • Use Of Owner Advocate Branding 
  • Access To Offer Submission Tool
  • Placement on Owner Advocate website
  • 1 Owner Advocate Mastermind Call/Month
  • Owner Advocate Facebook Group
  • Owner Advocate Listing Referral Partner (Coming Soon)
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